Best Xbox Controllers For PC 2019

Best Xbox Controllers For PC 2019

Why choose Xbox Controllers?

When you want to experience console gaming on a PC, you always go for a gamepad because it gives you the best feel and sometimes gamepad controllers are just much better than a regular keyboard and mouse.

To get the best ergonomics and feel for a game, you have to look for the best controller out there. And through this is controversial, many people believe that Xbox controllers are superior to other controllers and have a much better feel and feedback.

Microsoft mainly made Xbox controllers but as the years have gone by other companies have created their own third-party versions which might be even better than an original Xbox controller.

Best Xbox Controllers For PC

Here, we have created a list for you to decide which controller is the best one for you:

1. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer, a gaming hardware company design this controller. It has a lot of potentials for it to become one of the best controllers. It has a 3m cable that is long enough to reach your gaming setup. It also has additional buttons and sticks which can also be removed magnetically and swapped out for smaller or larger buttons. These buttons can also be remapped, and the sensitivity and vibration can also be changed.

2. Xbox Elite

The Xbox Elite is one of the far superior Xbox controllers because of its luxury feel and design. It is available in a lot of colors, and the controller feels the right fit in hand. It is a bit on the heavy side but in gaming that rarely matters. The sticks and buttons can be switched to your preferences, and all the buttons can be remapped as well.

3. Xbox One Wireless

This Xbox controller is the cheapest of the bunch but works almost like the rest of them. If you’re on a tight budget, then this is the one for you. There is no delay between clicks and response, it is comfortable, and you can afford to buy a new one if you break this one. You can swap buttons and remap them too.

4. Razer Wildcat

This is a wired-only controller. It has a 3m long cable for you to use. It is available in a lot of colors as well. Some extra buttons and sticks can be swapped out and remapped. It feels comfortable to hold, and the ergonomics makes it much easier to play. You can also add accessories to the gamepad.

5. Scuf Gaming Infinity 1

This is one of the most customizable controllers among the bunch. You can remap the buttons, switch them out, and even change the colour according to your preferences. You can also swap out the grips, add ‘axe’ panels at the rear of the controller and with its rubberized horn grips, it feels smooth to hold in hand.

So among the various choices given, you can choose the Scuf for its customization, the Xbox Elite for gaming luxury or any other option that suits your needs.

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